There is so many articles regarding how to configure the Lync Edge Server but it was really hard to find out or none of articles show right information regarding the "Push Notification" for Apple devices and Windows devices.

I found out that Push notification requires Public SRV records.

  • SRV records
  • Ports
    • MUST be 5061
  • these SRV records point to Lync Edge Public IP address
    • It can be NAT on firewall

Once these are configured, please look at Lync FE Server




  • Troubleshooting Management Shell commands:
    • Hosting Provider
      • Get-CsHostingProvider
      •  4.png
      • Get-CsAllowedDomain
      • 5.png
      • Get-CsPushNotificationConfiguration
      • 6.png 
      • Get-CsAccessEdgeConfiguration
      • 7.png
    • Than you can run test push notification
      • Test-CsFederatedPartner -TargetFqdn -Domain -ProxyFqdn
      • 8.png 

That is all!!! Simple thing but easily can messed up!

Make sure Internal and External CA installed on Edge Server, root CA has to install to trust Internal Domain as well.

Any Questions?

Example Topology: