You added a 1-1 NAT with an inbound policy that would allow external users to access an internal server on port 8080.

However, this web page only came up when typing the internal private IP address internally, as follows:
private:8080, but when you did it from external typing the following IP address, http://public:8080, the web page did not display.

To recap what we did today, we had a remote session to review the 1-1 NAT and the inbound policy in question.

And, I found out that it was incorrectly configured, as the TO: field of the policy was set to the internal private IP address of the internal host.

Therefore, I had you removed the internal private IP address of the internal host, from the TO: area of the policy in question.


And I had you replaced it with the actual external public IP address, and consequently, you were able to get to the web page by typing the following: http://public:8080.