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How to create RDP file from RDS Broker

  • 2018.11.16
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Exporting the Reg key from Broker server HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Terminal Server\CentralPublishedResources\PublishedFarms\

RDS users see a Black Screen

  • 2018.01.03
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Uninstall - KB3172614 & KB3179574 After you apply this update on a Remote Desktop Session (RDS) host, some new users cannot connect to an RDP session. Instead, those users see a black screen, and they are eventually disconnected. This is...

WYSE Dual Monitor VDIBroker wnos.ini for RDS 2012

  • 2016.09.30
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WYSE Clients VDIBroker connection for RDS 2012 Farm. WNOS.INI for Dual Monitor MaxVNCD=1 MaxVncd=1 VncPassword="********" VncPrompt=no DomainList="" AddCertificate=rdfarmcert.cer AddCertificate=rdfarmcert2.cer VDIBroker=htt...

WatchGuard 1 to 1 NAT

  • 2015.12.09
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You added a 1-1 NAT with an inbound policy that would allow external users to access an internal server on port 8080. However, this web page only came up when typing the internal private IP address internally, as follows: private:8080, but w...

how to get the T-Mobile iPhone Unlocked code

  • 2015.04.07
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Most Phone Provider is locked the phone and you need to have the unlocked code for selling or other purpose, T-Mobile needs the number for unlocking so please do this and call support and they will give you the lock code. Press *#06# They ne...

Cisco Agent Desktop / JTAPI error

  • 2014.12.05
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Cisco Agent Desktop user is not able to login to CUCM, Please do following steps. 1. login to CUCM 2. User Management - Application User 3. Select the User ID that associate with Agents 4. Look for the "Available Devices" and add the device ...

Samsung TV makes Clicking Sounds and won't turn on

  • 2014.08.06
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I have Samsung LCD 650 TV that makes clicking sounds and it won't turn on at all. I research the issue on Google and there is solution, search by the subject and you will see more detail links. This is my issue, it could be yours also. I pur...

Lync Edge 2010 Server with Push notification

  • 2014.05.16
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There is so many articles regarding how to configure the Lync Edge Server but it was really hard to find out or none of articles show right information regarding the "Push Notification" for Apple devices and Windows devices. I found out that...